Palazzo Andrea Doria
The largest and most sumptuous Genoese noble residence

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The Villa hosted the only true Prince the city has ever boasted: Andrea Doria. The house was built in 1529 and then became the favorite home of the Doria Pamphilij’s Family.
Today the mansion is a museum full of hidden treasures. Walking through its rooms and halls, guests can dive into its old glory and marvel at its beautiful frescoes and tapestries.

The Gardens, with their view on the sea front, are the first thing to appear before entering the mansion. You will be able to walk the garden paths as prince Andrea Doria used to do, upon returning from his battles at sea.Here, among flowers, pergolas, fountains, statues and shady colonnades, the family used to host  events, games and shows to entertain other members of the nobility of the time.Since then, the gardens have gone through many changes, though keeping their natural wonder and historical testimony.